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Haijing Hotel - Dalian (Dalian Harbour View Hotel), Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.BR Il s' agit d 'un hôtel commercial de style européen, doté d' une suite de qualité qui permet de visualiser la mer, d 'une pièce minimale d' une superficie nette de 54 mètres carrés, d 'une partie d' une chambre d 'un grand paysage marin, équipée d' une chambre privée à chaque étage, et d 'un restaurant chinois à base de fruits de mer à Dalian.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.
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  • cualan
    Price OK! is the outdated facilities! does not meet five-star standards! should be redesigned!
  • dinadingpti
    It's not bad!
  • sunnybaby0718
    Help a friend, nice, good, family travel, said good, good variety for breakfast, location is very good, said the real situation, hoping to help people, not bad, at least we think
  • gongcao
    Each room can see the sea, are en-suite, cost-effective ultra-high
  • xuxiaodaidai
    So so
  • liulin39574
    Water are not smooth, registered in the 27-story, very hard.
  • so love
    All around good food, nice hotel, need the card to enter the elevator, rooms quite large and very comfortable, facilities should have a whole
  • MISS high
    First hotel to the North, really feel so bad, 468 rooms as much as across more than 100 hotel, poor service, point breakfast service is not sensible, if virility prescriptions are charged, really can't stand would never go to La, failure while you travel
  • camiroyol
    Because it is not the peak season and lived in sea view room, the room was big, you can still see the sea, great-is opening early, facility is a little old, but does not affect mood. breakfast is very clean, very wide, and her children can play to not feel hungry in the afternoon.
  • e00624273
    ? ? ?,? ? ?.? ?
  • gwm7880
    Hotel room some ambient is good
  • caimaogege
    Which is very nice
  • banana1117
    Facilities are old and others are also good
  • e00176805
    A five-star hotel, this is a relatively old one, but the amenities and services, location, City Center, also convenient transportation
  • GriffinG
    Good, clean, lively surroundings, convenient
  • Sergey
    Hotel of facilities compared old, in wrote between within, not is convenient. night of waiter attitude very bad, even minimum, of Guest House of waiter quality are than, room card Shang forget wrote room number, not only not admitted is himself of errors, was said is because guest took of too fast, dang we pointed out that its not responsible Shi, was mouth out spat, attitude extremely bad!
  • fuban
    Hotel is a bit old, but still good, service very good, enthusiastic tells us near the hotel for dinner, delicious is not expensive, breakfast only for the five-star hotel said it was
  • lingyan1013
    Facilities a bit old for his good
  • crossbell
    Hotels in General, up to five star
  • dressfly
    Old hotel facilities other than OK
  • dp1352520
    Nice hotel, fair price
  • a007com
    Spring Festival, the first to Dalian
  • Jim Xia
    Very nice old hotel, but check-in required 27 floors is not very convenient
  • e00970734
    Very nice hotel, that is some old equipment.
  • today0
    Location, sea view rooms, restaurant very good, dinner is very good, and inexpensive, nice one.
  • joudandan
    Great hotel, highly recommended!
  • lindaluo
    Convenient, breakfast was good, room clean and tidy
  • alice1123
    Hotels are older, but according to the surrounding hotels location is good, front desk service is also good, surrounded by lots of pubs and KTV, suitable for business trip if traveling around the restaurant is not suitable for family tour
  • Cindy Baby
    Hotel front desk attitude is poor, old facilities, the room was very large but are not on
  • fanfeixia
  • e01349601
    too old
  • anycom
    All right
  • jiner15
    Is like, inside is spacious, window is big, can sat floating window Shang see sea, health also good, pattern is good, is comfortable value. most not satisfaction of is rooms service, and slow and not detailed, live has two days Hou only found bedside table decentralization with a apart of paid emergency package, more nausea of is also is with had of. also has needed paid of water also has a less half bottle. called to rooms asked, he just hurried took has what also didn't said, results, I to check out of when these impressively are in Bill Shang! straightReceived no language has, I is added bed with child and Grandma with staying of, you said this things I can with of Shang did? if with has I made have with because dozens of block money in people Qian disgraced Zidane did? too let people angry has! on poor alarm has! although last front desk girl to solution has, but heart eventually is very grievance and bad by of. even with on seaview of goodwill are light has many. recommends everyone yihou staying Shi must to check good.
  • jiudou
    All right
  • Edensun
    Old hotel
  • Jameslu2006
    Hotel in Dalian famous of Harbour Bridge area, traffic convenient. Although Hotel established time may long has some, but for wants to find some Dalian Hong Kong nostalgia sense of guest for that is most right of has. hotel facilities complete, hotel of service also good, bathroom also is big, shower and bathtub independent interval, using convenient, room Super big is spacious, breakfast varieties can in rich some on better has.
  • aaronsoong
    Hotel is very good, sea view room looking at closer look at Dalian Harbour. evening dining is convenient, next to the fish Pier in. go a few steps to the beach. great and spacious. good breakfast ... only downside is air conditioning noisy.
  • a316735
    Facilities are old and service very good. Hall on the top floor is not easy.
  • glanceral
    Hotel good facilities is a bit old
  • e01496557
    Very clean, are en-suite, landscape or ... service was good
  • Ca. vei
    Hotel entrance road is not very convenient, other
  • taboo
    Hotel is very good, is to decorate a little old
    Good location, the condition can also, known as the five-star hotel, value for money can be! 27-storey lobby too! elevator card bad! employee training management services summary of up to five stars.
  • robin791126
    Name listen very well, the room service is not good.
  • cgmide
    Air conditioner dripping water destroyed my laptop
  • candie
    Is so-so.
  • dumas818
    Also good
  • nbfree
    Very good! excellent vision!
  • tanjiayue
    Lobby location hard to find
  • eyan006
    There is no sea view: room is very old!